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tbt: Cartoon Boxing Guy

If you've lived in or been to Philadelphia at some point in your life, you know what to do when you get the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps--right?!

Cartoon Boxing Guy flat notcard. By Paprika Letterpress + Design.
You become Rocky Balboa. You are Rocky Balboa. And as Rocky you must run up the steps without stopping and when you reach the top, you throw your boxing fists over your head in victory while humming the "Rocky" movie theme song.

With all the history and culture of boxing the Philadelphia area holds, it's no wonder we love this guy!

But he wasn't always this lucky. In fact, he was dealt a KO of his own. In the plate image, you'll see some damage lines right through his mid-section!

Note damage to his mid-section.Vintage 
metal cut on wood block.
Here at Paprika Letterpress, we love to revive old plates (did you check out last week's post on the Serpent Girl?), especially those that speak to the history of our hometown. This boxer needed some coaching before he could go back in the ring. He was scanned in, touched up, and a new plate was made. Now, he can keep up with the best of 'em.

You can own your own champion boxer card or print by going to our website or by visiting us at Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia) First or third Saturdays from 10a-6p.

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