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My wonderful 8 x 12 C&P for sale



I am consolidating my studio and have decided to sell my 8 x 12 C&P. I have two. This press is in great shape-consistently oiled and maintained in a garage studio that is climate controlled in heat or cold when in use. The press has a motor and has three speeds to run which are adjusted manually. To start or stop there is a push button under the paper tray deck.  One nice option is the foot break for stopping or slowing the press. The Press comes with two excellent condition rollers. (I only use two rollers when printing-I forget why:)

Very easy to pick up -located in a two door garage studio with cement floors assessable through large driveway.


$1000.00 to be picked up

8 x 12 C&P letterpress8 x 12 C&P Letterpress-side viewC&P letterpress-rollers view

Please call with any questions that I might answer.

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