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About Us

As a designer for a very looooong time, Lenor Mirochna has been involved in a variety of endeavors. Free lance designer, captive designer at several small agencies, owner and partner in small advertising agency, owner graphic design and marketing firm, marketing director and even spent some time in interior design, complete with CAD drawings.

As a design devotee, printing, typography and graphics were always #1. So here we are.

After acquiring a circa 1916 C&P Letterpress in May, 2010 from Constitution Press, Woodbury, NJ, Paprika letterpress+design was launched. This event has its own amazing highlights.  See the Blog to be humbled

Our printing addiction

Yes, it is true. Once you get ink in your veins and begin fantasisizing about paper weights, vintage metal and wood type, custom PMS colors, die cut, foil stamped and custom hand lettering all on the same project, you may consider yourself seriously impaired.

Then, along comes the hardware. Yes, Paprika now has 4 platen presses, one flat bed press, a foil stamping press, boxes and cabinets of vintage wood and metal type and art cuts along with many photopolymer plates with lots of different images and art to work with. 


So if you are looking for letterpress notecards or greeting cards check out our many items available online on this site. All made in our shop, mixing custom inks, printed one color at a time. Plus they are original designs and printed in limited quantities! No one else will get the same card! (unless you are a family member. Then you just might)

If you are looking to get ink on your hands and see what it is all about, check out our workshops.


   Handset wood and metal type

   Demo workshop Barnes and Noble

   We love the Beach! workshop


vintage graphic cuts letterpress   Vintage art and graphics


We have something for everyone.

If you would like to have something printed, get in touch. We have a lot of experience making clients happy, and we know what we are doing. So that makes us all happy.

Inspiration Rooster

Our 1916 Chandler and Price Press
This is C&P Sr. (Jr. is about 1 year younger)


We look forward to working with you and sharing our cool letterpress finds, new papers, type and other print related info.

Paprika letterpress+design-Designed and produced in Ligonier, Pennsylvania and Woodbury, New Jersey. Carried by select fine stationers and retailers.