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NEW 5 week letterpress and printing classes. [5 session class]

$ 325.00

5 part class 

[9:30-12:00].  Thursday July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5.     

[6:00-8:30pm]. Tuesday July 27, August 3, 10, 17, 24

Get creative and make letterpress prints using our wood and metal type, vintage and modern artwork. Drawing from all our resources, create a print series of one-of-a kind prints.
Enjoy this 5 part class that will allow you to  thoughtfully develop a theme and color palette for printing

This class will teach the primary and advanced  skills of letterpress printing using vintage handset typography. Each participant will learn how to properly compose, lock-up, and print a form on our presses. 

Along the way we'll talk about the history of letterpress printing, how it was a mainstay of the printing world for hundreds of years. You'll have access to our collection of vintage art and printer's cuts, metal and wood type and selection of paper and inks as well as foil.

You will use all of our presses, become familiar with letterpress and printing concepts and skills.

Each week will include an informative talk about the parts of presses and printing history that has evolved to our current digital world.
 All materials included. 

  • Pick a favorite theme or mantra and bring it to life with this creative printmaking process
  • Participants will compose and lock up type and art for printing on our C&P or Challenge proof press.
  • Mix custom ink colors and print multiple colors
  • Includes all supplies
    Minimum 2 participants, limited to 4

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